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Posted on 2004.01.19 at 14:42
This morning as I was just getting ready to go out for the day, a knock came at my door. Excitement built up in me, knowing Will was the only person who knew I was here, so I rushed to open it. As I did, my eyes fell on a girl who was a little shorter than me, with big brown eyes, long blonde hair and a big smile. "Jill!"

"Hi!" We embraced and laughed.

"What are you doing here?" I let her in and closed the door behind her. "Did your brother tell you I was in town?" She nodded and laughed, hugging me again.

"When we were on the phone last night he told me. It is so good to see you!" Jill and I had met two years ago, when Will and I had just started filming our movie. She had come down to visit him and the two of us became immediate friends, much to the discomfort of her brother. I think he feared the stories she would tell me, and rightly so. Many hours had been passed with her stories of a young Will, picking on his younger brother and even younger sister. When she visited the set again, it was as much to see me as him. We had lost touch for a little while, but seeing her now, it seemed like we had just seen each other the day before.

"What happened to the brown hair?"

She smiled and shrugged. "I needed a change." Grinning, she sat down. "So what are you doing here?" She spoke as an Amercian did, not having been to her birthplace since she was very young. Any English accent she may have had disapeared a long time ago.

"Well, I had some time off and I decided to spend it in the states." A strange look in her eyes, and the smile she wore told me she knew there was more to it than that. "And I wanted to see Will."

Her gaze was steady and her smile didn't leave. "He's engaged now."

I nodded, averting my eyes. "Yes, I met Arianna already. Would you like something to eat or drink? I could call fro room service." I stood and her smile grew.

"Don't change the subject Gwen. You came here to try and hook up, did't you?"

I felt my face grow hot and saw, when I passed the mirror, the blush that stained my cheeks. "Of course not. Hook up...what does that mean?"

She laughed. "You know, I tried to get you two together and you were the one who stopped it." She stood and joined me in my small kitchen. "He wanted to be with you, Gwen."

"I know," I said softly. "And I should have listened to you."

She cupped a hand to her ear and grinned. "I'm sorry, what was that?"

I couldn't help the small laugh I let go of. "I should have listened to you, alright?" I sighed and put my hands on my hips. "And now he'e engaged."

Jill nodded. "Yes he is." She raised an eyebrow.

"But the other day..." I looked at her. "What?"

She shook her head. "Nothing. What happened the other day?"

I told her about the incident on the couch and she nodded, almost looking impressed. "Something is there, right? If there wasn't that wouldn't have happened...would it?" She shrugged and I shook her. "Jill, you're not helping me!"

She laughed and went to grab her purse. "Let's go shopping and get something to eat. I'm starved."

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