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Mutants are gladiators.

After the death of Charles Xavier, Revolve became the home for all mutants, whether they like it or not. Stripped of their rights, fitted with collars and powers suppressed until their matches, life on Revolve is difficult and rigid. Their days are spent training for fights, working at the island's amusement park or dreaming of some day earning the outrageous sum of money with which to buy their freedom.

What would you do? Would you play the game? Fight the system? Start a revolution? Plot your escape?

The future of mutantkind rests in your hands.

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It was sometime in the early morning hours of June in the U.S. when everyone was given the signal to get where they needed to be. Not a half hour later, there were explosions, noxious gas leaks, uncontrollable fires, floods, and physical massacres all over the world. Before anyone knew what was happening and too quickly to alert anyone else for help, almost the entire mutant population was devastated and left the world in complete shock.

Now mutants are scared to reveal themselves, and with good reason. They want to search for others, survivors, more of their kind but what would the cost be? The world has changed and even a friendly face can deceive. The question before them now lies; do they cower in the shadows of the memory of how it was, or do they join together and show the world that they are strong and will overcome anything thrown against them?

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Alternate X

It's been over forty-eight hours since the attack on the mansion. Mutants dressed in all black carrying weapons and tranquilizers stole through the darkened hallways of the mansion just after midnight. Their mission was to capture as many as possible in a fifteen minute time frame. They were not to harm anyone under any circumstance. Before the night was over, Xavier's School for the Gifted had lost several students to the darkness of death and the uncertainty of being taken prisoner by an attacker they know nothing about.

As Xavier calls on the help of those he's taught and termed his X-Men, new alliances form while friendships and teams that have been strong through the years being to fall apart. They now have no choice but to rely on help from the least of expected places. Soon it will be revealed that mutants are not as free in the world as they'd like to think. Soon it will be revealed that maybe they had been better off living in fear of being recognized for who and what they really are.



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Alternate X

It's the fourth of September and Charles Xavier is welcoming back students who left for home during the summer vacation, as well as greeting those who are making themselves at home for the first time. But what looks to be a peaceful and promising first day back as a functioning school will turn dark when night falls and all are believed safe in their beds. There will be no rest for anyone tonight. For those who know how to fight, their training will be put to the test. For those who are still trying to get a grip on their new found abilities, they will become targets all too easily conquered. Someone has a grudge, but who would have such a hatred for mutants in an otherwise tolerant world? What would be their motivation?

As Xavier calls on the help of those he's taught and termed his X-Men, he can't help but wonder if this attack has something to do with the mysterious appearance of a girl who suddenly showed up at the mansion in the middle of the night not a week ago. Without hesitation, Xavier took her in, clothed her, fed her and waited patiently for her to break a silence she held onto in desperation for almost three days. "My name is Jocelin," she told him in a voice that sounded new and unused. "I don't know why I'm here." But now he has to question whether taking her in was the beginning of this destruction or not.




This morning as I was just getting ready to go out for the day, a knock came at my door. Excitement built up in me, knowing Will was the only person who knew I was here, so I rushed to open it. As I did, my eyes fell on a girl who was a little shorter than me, with big brown eyes, long blonde hair and a big smile. "Jill!"

"Hi!" We embraced and laughed.

"What are you doing here?" I let her in and closed the door behind her. "Did your brother tell you I was in town?" She nodded and laughed, hugging me again.

"When we were on the phone last night he told me. It is so good to see you!" Jill and I had met two years ago, when Will and I had just started filming our movie. She had come down to visit him and the two of us became immediate friends, much to the discomfort of her brother. I think he feared the stories she would tell me, and rightly so. Many hours had been passed with her stories of a young Will, picking on his younger brother and even younger sister. When she visited the set again, it was as much to see me as him. We had lost touch for a little while, but seeing her now, it seemed like we had just seen each other the day before.

"What happened to the brown hair?"

She smiled and shrugged. "I needed a change." Grinning, she sat down. "So what are you doing here?" She spoke as an Amercian did, not having been to her birthplace since she was very young. Any English accent she may have had disapeared a long time ago.

"Well, I had some time off and I decided to spend it in the states." A strange look in her eyes, and the smile she wore told me she knew there was more to it than that. "And I wanted to see Will."

Her gaze was steady and her smile didn't leave. "He's engaged now."

I nodded, averting my eyes. "Yes, I met Arianna already. Would you like something to eat or drink? I could call fro room service." I stood and her smile grew.

"Don't change the subject Gwen. You came here to try and hook up, did't you?"

I felt my face grow hot and saw, when I passed the mirror, the blush that stained my cheeks. "Of course not. Hook up...what does that mean?"

She laughed. "You know, I tried to get you two together and you were the one who stopped it." She stood and joined me in my small kitchen. "He wanted to be with you, Gwen."

"I know," I said softly. "And I should have listened to you."

She cupped a hand to her ear and grinned. "I'm sorry, what was that?"

I couldn't help the small laugh I let go of. "I should have listened to you, alright?" I sighed and put my hands on my hips. "And now he'e engaged."

Jill nodded. "Yes he is." She raised an eyebrow.

"But the other day..." I looked at her. "What?"

She shook her head. "Nothing. What happened the other day?"

I told her about the incident on the couch and she nodded, almost looking impressed. "Something is there, right? If there wasn't that wouldn't have happened...would it?" She shrugged and I shook her. "Jill, you're not helping me!"

She laughed and went to grab her purse. "Let's go shopping and get something to eat. I'm starved."


As I lay here alone in the dark, I can't help my mind as it runs away with strange thoughts and fantasies. I would sleep if I could, but it seems my mind just will not calm yet. I think of the interviews and how much I actually enjoyed them. All three of us were in such good moods today, and talking about everything we did making the movie came easy. I had wonderful actors to work with who made it feel more like play than work.

Rolling over on my side, I smile as I think of Edward. It is a rare occasion that brings us together for more than a few minutes, and I was so glad for his presence today. I told him everything. About the phone call that had brought me to the states, the feelings that followed soon after, meeting Arianna....and how I was feeling now.

"Have you told him?" he asked me earlier. I simply shook my head and watched him as he conversed with a reporter. "Exactly how are you feeling?"

I looked at him and smiled a little. "You sound like a psychologist. How am I feeling?" I looked back to Will. "I'm feeling very confused."

Edward sighed and rolled his eyes as if he had expected that exact answer, but wanted more. "I understand but, if you are not in love with the boy, it may change the side my favor falls on."

I blinked and looked at him sharply. "You just finished telling a man in there that you felt protective of me, that I was like your younger sister." He nodded. "And now how strong my feelings are determines who you chose to side with?" Again he nodded, a beguiling smile lighting his dark features. Against my better judgement, I smiled as well. "Yes, I am in love with him if that is what you wish to know."

"Yes it is." He looked at Will as the interview was wrapping up. "He's engaged, love. What now?"

I sighed and found Arianna standing off to the side, watching as well. "I don't know." Frowning, I turned my attention back to Edward. "I should have taken my chance with him when I first had it."

"No argument there love."

Turning now on my back to stare at the ceiling, my mind wanders to Arianna. I think she and I would be friends if there wasn't someone we both had affections for. Obviously we both had good taste. I wanted to tell him how I felt....but what would it do? The fact that I liked who Arianna was irritated me highly. I didn't want to take something that would make her hurt.

I decided that, if he asked me, I wouldn't deny it. But just openly stating that I was in love with him...could be destructive. Not just for the relationship he had with Arianna, but for us as well. I have three and a half weeks to see where all of this would go, if anywhere.

As I close my eyes, I am taken back to a day more than a year ago. The sun warms my face as I smile at Will from across the medieval set we worked on. The wind is blowing, tossing his long dark hair about his face. He smiles at me, and I feel my knees go week. Drifting to sleep, his arms welcome me into a relaxing dream.


Mag: So, Gwen, you get to snog William Spearitt?
Gwen: I do get to snog Will, yes. I'm rather smug about it actually. I'm quite worried I'm going to get lynched by teenage girls but to all teenagers out there: 'I'm really sorry and he's a great kisser!'
Mag: Come on - what's it like, give us a bit of detail.
Gwen: Give us a bit of detail?! He kissed, I kissed, the sun set, it's all very romantic, we have fabulous clothes, he had a big feather in his hair and it's all good.
Mag: How long did it take to film that scene? Did you keep on having to do extra takes just to make sure you got it absolutely spot on?
Gwen: Obviously we had to get the feel of the kiss completely right so we did it six or seven times, it took several hours, lovely!
Mag: And they were paying you to make this movie?
Gwen: Yeah, they were paying me to kiss Will Spearitt and get stuck on an island with Edward Michaels, somebody has to do it!
Although there is a passionate romance between your character and Will's going on, the two of you don't have a lot of scenes together. What did you do to make sure there was chemistry between the two of you on screen?
Gwen: Will and I went on a date when we found out we were in this movie together. Just to get to know each other really. Because this is about a couple who are willing to die for each other. We talked all night and drank tea. It clicked right away, so there was chemistry. Otherwise we'd have to fake it, laugh.'

Mag: How did you prepare for the kiss with Will at the end?
GS: A lot of studying. Yes, I went around kissing every boy that I could find.
Mag: Are you shy on-camera, or does it come naturally to kiss Will on-camera?
GS: I think it comes naturally to kiss Will anywhere. I had no trouble with kissing him on-camera. He's a good-looking boy, why not?
Mag: How many takes?
GS: That took quite a lot of time, that scene, actually. [Whispers] We kept getting it wrong, isn't that weird? I don't know, maybe five to six, or four to five.
Mag: How many takes were you willing to do?
GS: Lots and lots and lots!
Mag: How was your work with William Spearitt?
GS: We met each other a couple of times before at auditions. He'd get the part or I'd get the part, but we've never worked together. But we'd go out to eat in London. On this film, however, we only worked on four scenes together. Every day he was on set, I was off. We really didn't spend a lot of time together until we shot the scenes where we're together. He's a really, really great guy, and he's a sweetheart.

DJ: You’ve worked with Gwen Stuart, a fairly fine woman.
WS: Fairly fine, I’d say. She’s beautiful!

Gray: Does the director kind of say, “Oh, slip her a bit of tongue”, or do they just kind of play with your mind?
Will: They just…it sort of depends. This is a PG movie and I’m kissing Gwen Stuart so it’s a nice big romantic wet kiss, but nothing too intense, but it sort of depends really, doesn’t it. I suppose it’s more a question of who you’re kissing as opposed to the director, coz the directors gonna go “Yeah sure, you can slip anything you like in!” (laughs) But the actors might have issues…
Gray: This book I have read about acting and kissing say, one of the problems is: “Sometimes, a boy has a very long tongue.” Ladies in the audience thinking what’s the problem?! “Sometimes, a boy has a very long tongue,
and it can make you feel like you can’t breathe.” That’s a problem. What to do? “If his tongue is too long,” and I don’t know how much this book cost, but it’s cheap at any price, “If his tongue is too long, just push him back gently, and whisper Your tongue is too long.”
Will: I wonder what Gwen would’ve said. Sorry love, your tongue’s just too long.

(These interviews taken and messed with from geocities.com/orlanodkeira.com)

In the Public Eye

The next day I had to fly to New York for interviews. Both us us had to, actually, so I decided to take Ari with me. She didn't have to work and would have ended up spending the day alone, so she was thrilled when I suggested it. Her demeanor changed, however, when Gwen smiled at us from across the room when we got there. "Why is she here?"

I blinked. "She's in the movie as well, love." She didn't say anything as Gwen made her way over to us. Handing me a sheet of paper, I realized she had just come from hair and make-up. "What's this?"

"A list of all the people we will be talking to, the order in which they will be interviewing in, Which ones will be separate, which ones will be paired, and which will be all three of us."

I didn't understand. "All three of us?" She turned and pointed over her shoulder. "Edward!"

He looked up from whatever paper he was reading, a grin spreading over his face. "William! Long time no see." I left Ari and Gwen and made my way over to him. We shook and he smiled as his makeup was being done. "You're looking well."

I nodded, smiling myself. "As are you. I didn't know you were going to be here."

"Neither did I." He shrugged. "I wasn't doing anything anyway." His gaze fell on the tiny "room" where the interviews would be taking place. "How I love interviews."

"I don't really mind them," I said in response to his sarcastic remark.

"That's because you are a piece of meat, young William."

"Excuse me?"

"Women love you."

I laughed. "And you. They love you as well. More I think."

His eyes now went past me. "I would have to disagree." I turned around to see what he was looking at and saw Arianna standing, somewhat nervously, looking around, eventually looking at me. At the same time, Gwen, who was in the middle of a conversation with someone, looked at me and smiled. I smiled and waved, both of them thinking it was only themselves I was waving to. Looking back at Edward, I sighed at his grin. "What a lucky young lad you have turned out to be."