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Posted on 2004.01.07 at 08:26
Mag: So, Gwen, you get to snog William Spearitt?
Gwen: I do get to snog Will, yes. I'm rather smug about it actually. I'm quite worried I'm going to get lynched by teenage girls but to all teenagers out there: 'I'm really sorry and he's a great kisser!'
Mag: Come on - what's it like, give us a bit of detail.
Gwen: Give us a bit of detail?! He kissed, I kissed, the sun set, it's all very romantic, we have fabulous clothes, he had a big feather in his hair and it's all good.
Mag: How long did it take to film that scene? Did you keep on having to do extra takes just to make sure you got it absolutely spot on?
Gwen: Obviously we had to get the feel of the kiss completely right so we did it six or seven times, it took several hours, lovely!
Mag: And they were paying you to make this movie?
Gwen: Yeah, they were paying me to kiss Will Spearitt and get stuck on an island with Edward Michaels, somebody has to do it!
Although there is a passionate romance between your character and Will's going on, the two of you don't have a lot of scenes together. What did you do to make sure there was chemistry between the two of you on screen?
Gwen: Will and I went on a date when we found out we were in this movie together. Just to get to know each other really. Because this is about a couple who are willing to die for each other. We talked all night and drank tea. It clicked right away, so there was chemistry. Otherwise we'd have to fake it, laugh.'

Mag: How did you prepare for the kiss with Will at the end?
GS: A lot of studying. Yes, I went around kissing every boy that I could find.
Mag: Are you shy on-camera, or does it come naturally to kiss Will on-camera?
GS: I think it comes naturally to kiss Will anywhere. I had no trouble with kissing him on-camera. He's a good-looking boy, why not?
Mag: How many takes?
GS: That took quite a lot of time, that scene, actually. [Whispers] We kept getting it wrong, isn't that weird? I don't know, maybe five to six, or four to five.
Mag: How many takes were you willing to do?
GS: Lots and lots and lots!
Mag: How was your work with William Spearitt?
GS: We met each other a couple of times before at auditions. He'd get the part or I'd get the part, but we've never worked together. But we'd go out to eat in London. On this film, however, we only worked on four scenes together. Every day he was on set, I was off. We really didn't spend a lot of time together until we shot the scenes where we're together. He's a really, really great guy, and he's a sweetheart.

DJ: You’ve worked with Gwen Stuart, a fairly fine woman.
WS: Fairly fine, I’d say. She’s beautiful!

Gray: Does the director kind of say, “Oh, slip her a bit of tongue”, or do they just kind of play with your mind?
Will: They just…it sort of depends. This is a PG movie and I’m kissing Gwen Stuart so it’s a nice big romantic wet kiss, but nothing too intense, but it sort of depends really, doesn’t it. I suppose it’s more a question of who you’re kissing as opposed to the director, coz the directors gonna go “Yeah sure, you can slip anything you like in!” (laughs) But the actors might have issues…
Gray: This book I have read about acting and kissing say, one of the problems is: “Sometimes, a boy has a very long tongue.” Ladies in the audience thinking what’s the problem?! “Sometimes, a boy has a very long tongue,
and it can make you feel like you can’t breathe.” That’s a problem. What to do? “If his tongue is too long,” and I don’t know how much this book cost, but it’s cheap at any price, “If his tongue is too long, just push him back gently, and whisper Your tongue is too long.”
Will: I wonder what Gwen would’ve said. Sorry love, your tongue’s just too long.

(These interviews taken and messed with from geocities.com/orlanodkeira.com)

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