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In the Public Eye

Posted on 2004.01.06 at 12:37
The next day I had to fly to New York for interviews. Both us us had to, actually, so I decided to take Ari with me. She didn't have to work and would have ended up spending the day alone, so she was thrilled when I suggested it. Her demeanor changed, however, when Gwen smiled at us from across the room when we got there. "Why is she here?"

I blinked. "She's in the movie as well, love." She didn't say anything as Gwen made her way over to us. Handing me a sheet of paper, I realized she had just come from hair and make-up. "What's this?"

"A list of all the people we will be talking to, the order in which they will be interviewing in, Which ones will be separate, which ones will be paired, and which will be all three of us."

I didn't understand. "All three of us?" She turned and pointed over her shoulder. "Edward!"

He looked up from whatever paper he was reading, a grin spreading over his face. "William! Long time no see." I left Ari and Gwen and made my way over to him. We shook and he smiled as his makeup was being done. "You're looking well."

I nodded, smiling myself. "As are you. I didn't know you were going to be here."

"Neither did I." He shrugged. "I wasn't doing anything anyway." His gaze fell on the tiny "room" where the interviews would be taking place. "How I love interviews."

"I don't really mind them," I said in response to his sarcastic remark.

"That's because you are a piece of meat, young William."

"Excuse me?"

"Women love you."

I laughed. "And you. They love you as well. More I think."

His eyes now went past me. "I would have to disagree." I turned around to see what he was looking at and saw Arianna standing, somewhat nervously, looking around, eventually looking at me. At the same time, Gwen, who was in the middle of a conversation with someone, looked at me and smiled. I smiled and waved, both of them thinking it was only themselves I was waving to. Looking back at Edward, I sighed at his grin. "What a lucky young lad you have turned out to be."

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